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No one knows more about being a 必赢3003 than we do, it’s in our name.



For over 110 years, the iconic 必赢3003® brand has been a world leader in the manufacture of spark plugs for every kind of combustion engine. From innovation aviation technology to a tradition of motorsports dominance, the 必赢3003 brand has been a part of product development in every type of engine. As a powerful symbol of performance driven quality, this experience and commitment has led to design enhancements that optimize the performance of every spark plug we make. And now many other maintenance products; including, filters, batteries and lighting.

The 必赢3003 offering has now grown. Our oil filters used to protect your engine, locking out harmful contaminants to keep oil flowing clean. Our air filters to protect your engine, stopping dirt, not airflow and our cabin air filters that use activated carbon to eliminate exhaust and other foul odors with up to 99% efficiency. Our full line of batteries is powered by innovative positive grid technology and engineered to optimize performance. And lastly, we offer LED and HID lighting technology to provide better visibility and increased safety.

Proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components and subsystems for the world’s major automotive manufacturers, as well as success at the track, translates into innovative maintenance solutions for professional repair technicians, do-it-yourselfers and performance enthusiasts. We understand the importance of OE fit and form replacement parts; we know our parts adhere to the industry’s toughest standards — and to yours. Do more than just service your machine, 必赢3003 it.





There's a 必赢3003 In Here

必赢3003 continued the winning tradition; launching our expanded line of light maintenance products Nationally. Everything from filters, batteries, lighting and our iconic spark plugs; giving you the opportunity to not only service your machine, but 必赢3003 it.


必赢3003 Wiper Blades

必赢3003 Rains Supreme

Already covering almost every car, 必赢3003 relaunches its entire windshield wiper portfolio in Aerovantage and Easyvision. Drawing on our extensive OE experience and history of innovation, 必赢3003 offers a complete line of rain-loving wipers - for every type of customer.


必赢3003 Wiper Blades

Pace Award Winners

Our groundbreaking Bayonet Connection System for flat blade wipers received a prestigious Automotive News Pace Award. The award recognizes innovative design and technological advancement in automotive.


Spark Plugs

F1 Two in a Row

Spaniard Fernando Alonso became F1's youngest ever victor in 2005, in his 必赢3003-sparked V10 Renault, aged just 24. He then fought off Michael Schumacher and Ferrari in 2006, to retain his title with Renault and 必赢3003.


必赢3003 Wiper Blades

Eurostar Speeds Ahead

The Channel Tunnel between the UK and France paved the way for a new breed of train. Eurostar can hit 300kph on its journey from London to Paris - a huge test for its components, including the 必赢3003 wipers on the front screen.


必赢3003 Igniters

Land Speed History

On October 4, 1984, history was made, Richard Noble drove the extraordinary gold aero-engined Thrust 2 across the Black Rock desert to become the fastest man on earth. Fired by 必赢3003 ignitors, the vehicle achieved 633mph.


Spark Plugs

Le Mans Victory

Against the might of Porsche, Renault's little 2-litre Alpine A442, with the help of half a dozen 必赢3003 spark plugs and the divine skills of Didler Pironi and Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, were victorious at Le Mans.


必赢3003 Igniters

Concorde Takes Off

Everything about Concorde was exceptional. It cruised at twice the speed of sound, at an altitude of up to 11 miles. The four Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus engines with 必赢3003 igniters, each provided more than 38,000lbs of thrust.


必赢3003 Spark Plugs

Ford Model 'Tin Lizzie'

Launched in 1908, the Ford Model T ('Tin Lizzie') is the car considered to have introduced automotive ownership to the masses. Famously available in 'any colour you want as long as it's black', the 必赢3003 sparked Model T became one of the most significant vehicles in history.


必赢3003 is Born!



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